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Mukei Tsugaru

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Mukei Tsugaru

Post by Tsugaru on Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:31 pm

Name: Mukei Tsugaru

Age: Unknown

Rank: Sage

Home Village: Believed to be Sunagakure.

Status: Tsugaru currently resides by himself on his own land. He has not made contact with the outside world in a decade, presumably dead, he has remained isolated for unknown reasons. Last documented sighting was recorded in a report by an ANBU official who spotted the sage alone in the Otogakure forest. It is not known if Tsugaru still carries his moral standards of good and evil, before he left he had become a bit of a legend in Sunagakure, but that was long ago, and his peers, most of those who would remember his story are long gone.

Elements: He is a master of Kenjutsu, casting powerful swords on his own. He is a master of sand, lightning and fire.

Personality: Not much is known, he seems to be that of a loner. A very mysterious man. It is said that once he was outgoing, but after the massacre at the waterfall country's bridge, he was silent. He soon disappeared, it was said that he was kidnapped by a mercenary group of ex-ANBU's, but this cannot be validated. He was always strong willed, refusing to give up, but his spirits have been broken. Being a legend of his time it was a mystery why he was not self indulged or cocky, but that leaves him his niche in the ninja world.

Jutsu Styles: He has training in all styles, but most notably and most used by him are Kenjutsu & Ninjutsu.

Bio: Tsugaru was born into the Shiruashi clan, an ancient clan founded long ago, rumored to be brothers to the founders of konoha. But the path of the Shiruashi clan took a turn after the ninja wars, their reputation destroyed after countless ruthless killings during the wars. They were described as bloodthirsty savages. The once noble clan was ruined, economically and socially. The clans leaders were executed after the wars, for not being able to control their ninja's. This was yet another blow to the clans self image & respect. And so Tsugaru was born into a middle class clan, having to work his way through schooling, he took a job with a local construction business in Sunagakure. The company used the suna element often to build houses, the sand would harden & create a substitute for mortar. So outside of the ninja academy, Tsugaru was being trained to work with Suna. He had always been a hard and devoted worker, he told himself that he would redeem his family's name and bring it back to its once glorious self. He had grown up with stories of the Shiruashi's nobility in Suna. Once becomming a Chuunin, his ninja career was launched upwards on a mission with an undercover ANBU in his squad. The ANBU took note of his remarkable skills with the blade, and his ability to control the suna element. He was compared to the likes of Gaara, minus the Jinchuuriki. After months of being watched by the ANBU force, he had been approached by an official offering him a spot. He gladly accepted this, and began training with the best of the best. This was the break he had been looking for. He stayed with the ANBU's for two and a half years, going through countless missions and proving himself in battle against Sunagakures enemies he was promoted twice until he became an ANBU officer. He was awarded his own squad, and at the age of 19 he was completely happy. Sunagakure has a remarkable record of his life until the age of 21, Most of his actions being recorded in reports from the academy and his peers in the ANBU blackops.
It was said of him by a teacher in the academy, "I'm not sure where Tsugaru will go in life, but if someone puts him behind a desk doing paperwork for the kage, it will be a massive waste of talent."
His squad members looked at him as a role model, he was described as, "The type of guy you cant help but smile around."
Tsugaru's spirits and hopes were high.
His name was growing in the village after his countless victories in battle, on several occasions he had come back through the main entrance of Sunagaukure with the head of his enemy mounted on a staff.
Life was well for Tsugaru until his twenty first birthday, when he recieved an assignment from the kage.
He was to travel to the waterfall country & annihilate the "Opposing force on the bridge."
Tsugaru assumed an army was massing on the bridge, preparing to strike Sunagakure.
Once arriving, he took refuge on a hill overlooking the bridge, he saw no Army, no Soldiers or ninjas, Dumbfounded,
He sent a message to the Kage, reading,
"Kage-sama... My squad and I have reached the bridge, surveillance indicates no threat to Sunagakure,
Common-folk and Workers are proceeding as usual on the bridge, It seems construction of some sort is taking place.
Again, no soldiers on the bridge.
How shall we proceed Kage-sama?"

The response devastated him.
He was ordered to slaughter the workers on the bridge,
If the bridge was completed, the Waterfall country would have a massive supply line & their military capabilities would escalate.
Tsugaru proceeded to annihilate those on the bridge, something he takes no pride in having done.
Records show nearly 150 peasants were killed on the bridge before the day was over.
After this mission, Tsugaru grew silent.
He began to meditate more, he wept at night.
Tsugaru adopted the name, Mukei.
Meaning Spiritual.

And then, he disappeared.
Without a note, or speaking to anyone, he left Sunagakure.
Or did he even leave?
The gate keepers have no recollection of seeing Mukei Tsugaru leave Sunagakure,
It seems he just simply vanished.

Rumors arose of his kidnapping,
And then they died down.
People forgot of the legend.
People moved on.
Tsugaru was gone, plain and simple.

In all actuality, Tsugaru simply left for a life alone.
He has resided in the forest near Otogakure since then, and has made no effort to contact the outside world.



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