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Post by Tsugaru on Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:33 pm

IG Name: Kansen 'Pure' Seirei

IG Rank: Special-Jounin.

Clan position: Apparently loyal, has its own agenda.

Age: 19

RP Experience: Durf, been here since the beginning.

Why do you want to lead a clan?/Why do you want to make this clan?: I feel it would be interesting to revisit my dark characters. I would like to return to the server with something to offer, and for the longest time I have made my name with my evil characters, I feel that I can contribute to the server's RP best as an evil character.

What would you do with this clan?: Raise it to be one with the village, seemingly attached by the hip. When things get peaceful and calm, to create an interesting RP I shall detach Kansen from the village to follow its own selfish agenda against the village.

Your character's brief history:
Kansen Seirei grew up as the typical ninja, learning right from wrong but never truly understanding the downside of selfishness. He grew up watching his family work for the village, they grew old and weary, but still they worked on. Eventually they died off, and he was left with the younger generation of Kansen to lead.
After seeing his family die at the hands of his village, he viewed it as an insult and harbored it in his soul.
His family had worked themselves to death, many of them dying in battle for the village.
Seirei said nothing.
He grew older, and led his clan.
Nothing seemed wrong, no one acted out of the norm.
The Kansen clan had appeared to be a loyal clan to the village, but Seirei still felt the pain of his elders passing away.
He saw no point in laboring for the benefit of others, this had ate at him his whole life growing up, but he never acted on his thoughts.
He had been an excellent ninja, rising through the ranks at a slightly faster speed than his peers.
He was intelligent, noticeably.
A thinker of sorts. He was also dangerous this way.
Seirei spent many nights outside, staring up at the night sky, thinking about his elders, forming a plan.
And a plan is what he formed.
This plan germinated through his mind, infecting his sanity and well being.
The Kansen clan had a peculiar bloodline, they had been able to morph their bodies to any shape or size, usually copying the limbs of animals.
For example, Seirei's older brother had preferred to morph his arms into those of a bear, for battle.
Some Kansen's actually morphed their entire bodies to resemble animals, this was a massive benefit towards the village for reconnaissance missions.
Seirei had no preferred animal.
The corruption inside of him had begun to infect him physically and mentally.
When he morphed, things were different.
One day, he could not change himself back.
He was stuck with the arms of a demon.
These demon arms were created by the infection inside of him, the corruption altering him.
Seirei continued to live his life as a normal village ninja, but the plague had just begun to corrupt him.
Darker changes would ensue.

Clan History:
No one really knows where the Kansen line came from.
It is assumed they were comrades of the first kage, and followed him.
For a long time they had been loyal, hard working ninjas for the village.
They had sacrificed everything for the benefit of the village, but this was expected.
The Kansen clan had always taken the back seat, quiet by nature they never spoke out, they blended in with the crowd.
They were the perfect ninjas. Loyal, smart, quick, and never went against orders.
They had been stereotyped as just another clan.
Nothing special, just a village clan.
Patiently following orders, living peaceful and uneventful lives.
That is, until Kansen Seirei becam the leader of the clan.
Seirei had been corrupted with evil thoughts.
This affected the rest of the clan aswell, they had become more rash, and bold.
Speaking out against orders they did not agree with, making cruel and harsh statements against superiors.
The Kansen ability was metamorphosis.
They could morph themselves into any living thing.
People, Animals, sometimes even large plants.
But when Seirei took over, the Kansen ability seemed different.
Often times the color of the metamorphosis was darker.
The animals they changed into had darker fur, and skin colors.
The Kansens themselve had changed aswell.
Their light eyes, that were once so full of life, had shifted to darker colors, dark brown, sometimes even pure black.
The Kansen clan had remained loyal to the village despite the obvious changes.
For now.



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Re: Kansen.

Post by HeroxSavior on Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:55 pm

Tsugaru's dark side...*shiver* lol i hope my clan gets accepted as well Very Happy anyway i like the story and how you spoiled it to be a betrayal at the end lol
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