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Tokushima Nova

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Tokushima Nova

Post by Nova on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:52 am

Name: Tokushima Nova
Age: 12
Clan: Senichi(Nova lost his memory so he cant remember where clan he is coming from)
Rank: Missing D
Elemental: Raiton (Lighting)
Fight style: Nova learn now how to fight with a sword


Nova wake up in the forest next to a big tree. He had a huge headeace wen he wake up, he put his hand on his forhand and saw a necklace on him, he look at the necklace and saw Two words on it, He starts to read it.The first word was Scratched away and the Last name was Nova on it. he turn The Necklace around and saw his birth date on it.Then he notice he diddnt remember anything Before he wake up. He sit a while at the tree and decide to explore a bit.He hoped he find someone who knows him, After some hours he Walked around He saw Nothing not even a small house. Suddenly he got attacked by a Missing ninja.The missing ninja Trowed A amount of kunai's at Nova. Nova's reflex Saved him he jumped away grap one on the kunai's and wanted to attack the Missing ninja. But he sliped He fall on the ground and the Missing ninja taked A wierd Sword and Rushed at Nova, Nova Was freezed and Suddenly he heard a sound Famillair to Thousend Birds And then he heard a shout "Chidori!". then he saw a Blue flash.He felt Some blood on his Cheek and he saw alot of light then he saw that another ninja Pierce Through the missing ninja with the jutsu Chidori.He paid atention at the jutsu and wen the Stranger Stop's focus his chakra. Nova looked at the Stranger who saved him.

Nova wanted to Thank him but before he can do it The missing ninja Said this forest is to dangerous for you.And the Stranger just Vanished. Nova decided then to become Strong Dont matter what pain he must endore with. he will become strong then he saw a village.He run at it and saw some people,The people diddnt paid much atention at Nova.So he thought nobuddy knew Nova, So Nova thought of Last name because he diddnt knew his real one So his Fake last name became Tokushima ,He Saw a Anbu agent he paid much atention at the agent he asked where the Hokage was againts alot of people nobuddy diddnt paid much atention at Nova only a person called Ao he talked abit againts Ao, then Ao saw a red moon and opened his mangekyou sharingan and Nova was under a genjutsu he diddnt saw something speacial he just went stunned.Ao release it and Nova asked what it was Ao diddnt tell to him then Nova start to wonder what that eye was He went to a place and saw another ninja called Senichi hayabikou.

Nova asked him what to do to become a genin, hayabikou smiled alot againts nova and he explained alot to Nova diddnt knew the signs so he asked To Hayabikou if he wanted to show Nova,Hayabikou did it very fast Nova only saw the last sign on it then he said you doing it way to fast then Hayabikou started to laugh and did it slower Nova explain Hayabikou his jutsu that he wanted to learn "Chidori" Hayabikou said how he must do it and Nova Try it But nothing happend not even a single spark Hayabikou Lend Nova some of his chakra and his hand start to Sparkle. Nova smiled and Was very happy at that time He Start to hang around with Hayabikou, Nova thought that Hayabikou was a nice person that he can trust.So Hayabikou Said that nova must follow him to the forest he said this forest is controled by Missing nin Hayabikou said if you see one you must tell that you know me, Nova asked if he was the leader of the Missing ninja's Hayabikou said yes i'm.Then Hayabikou started to take a katana Nova Start to take focus on Hayabikou,Hayabikou inspect the katana and gave it at Nova, Nova taked the blade and Hayabikou Asked If Nova wanted to Join him Hayabikou said that he had people that can train Nova and train Nova , Hayabikou said to that Nova dont need to join but i will be glade if you do, Nova look at the katana and thought that Hayabikou can make Nova strong in short amount of time.Then Nova said ok i will join you, Hayabikou sound abit Supriced about the answer.So before he really can make a name of him self as a Village Ninja he decide that his path will be of a avenger,And in that time Nova will be known as a Missing D ninja.

(More detail in game,Dont rate yet after Hayabikou work this out)
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