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Shibutoi Koji

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Shibutoi Koji

Post by Tsugaru on Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:33 pm

IG Name: Shibutoi Koji

IG Age: 28

Rank: Independent Nin.

Status: Alive, thriving.

Appearance: Possible new image coming.

Clan: Shibutoi

World map.

History: Shibutoi Koji was the ruling Shogun of Bodem country. He trained himself in Kinjutsu, and Katon. Records show that Shibutoi Koji was highly intelligent, and mysterious. His speeches were short and to the point, but hid his true feelings. He was an odd Shibutoi, the citizens were used to having aggressive, affirmitive rulers, but Koji was odd. He was quiet, thoughtful and peaceful. He spent much of his time meditating alone. One day, After defeating the shadow village in a territorial battle, Koji returned from the battlefield tattered and hurt. He liked to fight alongside his men, something most Shibutoi's ridiculed. After being bandaged, Koji gave up his position as Shogun to his younger brother Yamatsu. Koji gathered some belongings and left Bodem country, not much is known why or exactly when he left, he simply slipped off. It is known however, that before leaving, at dinner he spoke with his father, saying, " I wish to explore this world of Ninja I have heard of. Learn their ways, and become like them.." It is assumed that he left in the night, traveling by boat to Lighning country, a peninsula close to the Bodem country shore-line. Koji then traveled through Lightning Country, never finding the hidden cloud village. He followed a caravan through the fire country border, to the hidden leaf village. It is possible that he is either in the village, or close by, studying the ways of ninja.

Clan History: The Shibutois were feudal lords of a small area outside the demon country. They were a line of non-conformist shoguns, who originally controlled a land called the Country of Bodem, stretching from Demon Country to the islands just outside of the hidden Mist village. This country was constantly at war, defending its many territories. Once the use of ninjutsu was created, It lost mass ammounts of land to the newly developing villages. Bodem country was lagging behind the rest of the world due to its strict policy of isolationism, but once it started loosing territory it was forced to adjust to the new ways. Paying the very men who had taken Demon country from them, the Shoguns hired mercenaries to initially train their Samurai in the art of Nin and Genjutsu. Later on these mercenaries made their homes in Bodem country, the fuedal system working to their advantage, they gained land for their military services and aid. Bodem country quickly grew a massive military, utilizing ninjutsu and Genjutsu to help themselves. Bodem country quickly secured their borders, but vowed never to let such a thing happen again. They opened their borders to trade, but cautiously watched all merchants traveling in and out of their borders. They never fully adapted to the ninja ways, they still have Samurai instead of ninja, but their samurai shed their armor, and use Kin, Nin, and Genjutsu. They have no formal taijutsu training, although some practice the art remotely, this is quite rare. There remains a caste system in Bodem Country, but the members of this country do not oppose this, they feel it gives them a sense of purpose and meaning. Others who desire this secure feeling travel to bodem and make their homes. Although, most of those who do this are wealthy Military men. The Shibutoi's are fair, and just rulers, controlling their country since the beginning, there has been no rebellions, because there has been no opposition to their rule. Or, that is what the official documents say. Rumors state that several Rebellions have been demolished in their wake, Bodem country does not allow insolence. They do not allow Missing-nin, or criminals into their country. Bodem country is also very strict. They have a low crime rate due to the harsh punishments they dole out. Those convicted of small crimes such as stealing bread are brought out into the streets so the public may see. They are stripped naked, and beaten one hundred and fifty times with a bamboo stick. Many crimes result in execution.
The Shibutoi's are a just clan, controlling the Military, foreigin affairs, and most politics inside Bodem country. However, Internal affairs, and Policing are handled by the Kenmitsu clan, the descendants of the mercenaries hired from Demon country.
Those Shibutoi's who decide not to follow a life of politics are often thrusted into the military, at high ranks of course.
The Shibutoi were the first of Bodem country to adjust to the new ways, claiming the strongest nin, and genjutu available to themselves.
They also developed a bloodline limit.
The Shibutoi's are powerful katon users.
Most study Katon once they are of age to attend school, but the bloodline limit is completely different.
Once they discovered how to control chakra, they began to experiment.
They discovered that using chakra, they could control physical attributes.
Once of age, Shibutoi children are taught the bloodline limits, they are able to grow wings, white wings that allow them to fly for short periods of time.



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