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Sword Application.

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Sword Application.

Post by Kazu on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:36 am

IGname: Seniuchi 'Kazu' Karuko.

Rank: Exiled-Nin (Jounin Level)

Status: Exiled Ninja which were exiled because of leaving his rank of Jounin. Now he's working with Jurei and Maku to reach their goal. Sad and angry because of what Reigen did. Currently lives in the forest but sometimes he visit Sunagakure just to check that the village is okay.

Personality: Sometimes Karuko is happy sometimes he's sad. He always wants to gain more power, Karuko is trying to find the other Seniuchi members. Karuko laughs alot, but sometimes he gets really serious. When he activates his Doujutsu he feels pure hate and could attack his foe instantly.

IG age: 20 years old.

NRP Experience: About 6 months, been playing in Enigma, Ascended, Judgement and Eternity.

Why should you have a sword?: I want my character to have a sword because I got some epic RPs coming up with my swordy. Could be a nice add to my character which I'm currently working a lot on.

What would you do with your sword?: I would use the sword for RPs and probably in battle if the opponent is okay with I use it.

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